Case Study

The University of Oregon Saves Hundreds of Hours Sending Digital Endowment Reports

The University’s process for sending donor endowment reports used to involve a table full of paper for two to three weeks - documents that had taken months to compile. The final step, stuffing envelopes, was a multi-person job that took more than three full days.

Now, the Advancement office collects the information digitally. They are able to use a single PDF and break it up into individual password protected documents and personalize it to their brand standards within ODDER.

For their most recent report, they emailed every donor with an email address on file. Only four people requested it be printed. They were able to use their time savings to personalize who delivered the reports and to create individual messages from leadership to their top donors.


Digital Endowment Reports Sent

The print cost savings has been considerable, not to mention that each unit is now saving 5-10 hours of time each.


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