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On Demand Digital Endowment Reports

ODDER provides On Demand Digital Endowment Reports that are personalized and securely delivered to donors.

Personalized and Secure

Deliver your endowment reports online with no complicated portals to maintain or new processes to adopt.

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Personalized Experience

Each donor receives a report of their donations to date as well as a personalized video.

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Password Protected

Every report can be password protected, ensuring that it is delivered securely to the intended recipient.

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Branded Landing Pages

Make donors feel special by highlighting their personal details and philanthropic interests.

Auburn's Success

Auburn’s saw open rates over 70% with 44% of recipients viewing their personal endowment report. 35 out of the 1,851 recipients requested a printed copy be sent to them..


Open Rate


Report View Rate

ODDER saved us 80 hours of physical production and could save us an additional 80 hours of data clean up, manipulation and research.


How it Works

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Get a Free Consult

Consult with our experts and build a quote based on your delivery needs

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Share Reports Securely

We store and protect each of your individual endowment reports

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Proof & Protect

Proof & password protect each endowment before delivery to donors

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Personalize Each Delivery

Personalize each delivery & allow donors to save, share, and print

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this secure for delivery of sensitive information?

Your reports will be securely stored on our servers. The files will be encrypted and only decrypted when a valid password is entered in ThankView.

Can I send multiple people one report?

Absolutely we just need their emails and the report you want to send to them.

Can we customize the look and feel of the report?

Absolutely, we want everything to match your branding and style guidelines.

Can a donor receive multiple reports in one email?

Yes, we can send a PDF with all the reports for every fund they have. There is no limit to the number of pages you can send to a donor.

Does the Thankview ODDER email have to include a video?

Yes, thankview is a video platform but if you don’t want a video of the President or Dean or Student, you could do a nice montage of thank you language and campus scenery or B Roll footage.

Does this integrate with my current database or CRM?

Thankview is database and CRM neutral and can export data so you can record these reports as contacts in your database along with the PDFs for storage in your database of record.

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