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Oregon State University

Learn How Beaver Nation Raised 74%

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Turns out, the secret to successful fundraising isn’t so secret... Show rather than tell.

OSU Athletics used ThankView for everything from thank yous, birthday messages, to donor updates. But in Spring 2020, they decided it was time to test out how ThankView compared to their general email provider when it came to raising funds for student athletics.

Beaver Nation sent 4 campaigns--2 from ThankView and 2 from their general email service provider.

The results? Not only was the open rate with ThankView higher, people responded to the call to give! The ThankView campaigns raised more than 74% more than the general email.


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Avg Open Rates Than General Email Provider

We work with various digital providers, but know that video is king, queen, everything. The ability to show something to visually tell you story is paramount to having success with any type of engagement.


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