Why Thankview

Our Impact.

Our mission is to build lasting relationships, especially through video, on behalf of those who make the world a better place.

We don’t just support making the world a better place - we live it.


Core Values We Share


We remember that everything is momentary and nothing is a given. We approach our work and relationships knowing this, appreciating what we have.


We connect with transparency and respect each other’s opinion, even when we don’t agree. We own our successes and our failures.


We deliver our very best in all we do, holding ourselves accountable to each other and our clients. We are committed to helping others succeed, even if it’s not for our benefit.


We have a bias towards action and a willingness for risk. While undertaking any task we always ask, “How can this be done better?” 


We know that fun isn’t a byproduct - it’s our main ingredient.

Our Commitment to Giving Back


Volunteer Program

We believe volunteering has a life-changing effect - not just on those who receive support, but on those who give their time freely.

We schedule a full day for volunteering every quarter. We select one organization to support at the company level but allow our team to diversify to other initiatives remotely.

Photographs of recent volunteer experiences

Giving Program

We’re invested in growing our impact by developing our employees as philanthropists who change our world for the better.

In 2020, ThankView gave $1,000 on behalf of every employee totaling  $39,000 donated to 42 unique organizations. In 2021, we grew the number of organizations we supported by almost 50%.

ThankView Gives Back organizations donated to (42 in 2020, 64 in 2021)

Grantee Program

Our relationship with our clients means more to us than their wallets. That’s why we provide free access to nonprofits with limited budgets.

The Grantee Program was created to provide our platform free of charge to nonprofits fighting the pandemic. Nine organizations were chosen - ranging from free medical clinics to charities like the Sunshine Division.

Photographs of recent grantees

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