Case Study

Sunshine Division’s Online Giving Skyrockets

During COVID-19

In May 2020, Sunshine Division was selected as a ThankView Grantee. Sunshine Division partners with the Portland Police Bureau to provide free emergency clothing and food to those in need. Video seemed like the best fit to share the amazing work that donors were helping make happen.

In the past, most of Sunshine Division’s giving took place from a standard mailed appeal - donors would fill out a card and mail it back. But in spring 2020, their online giving skyrocketed much more than
they were anticipating.

They needed a way to thank their donors quickly with a unique, engaging digital format. Enter their ThankView platform!


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Videos Collected

If you wait until a video is perfect, you've waited too long. Send that thank you video knowing that it might be awkward the first time, but you're going to get better.


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