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Lurie Children's Hospital Finds Success Stewarding Corporate Partners Through Video

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In December 2020, Lurie Children’s partnered with iHeart Radio for their radiothon. This was the first time the two organizations had worked together on a fundraising drive.

It was a huge success! Which meant Alexa Cottrell and her team at Lurie Children’s team needed a unique way to thank not only the donors who gave live on air, but the corporate partners, and the iHeartRadio team for helping make this happen.

The answer? Personalized video. The Lurie Children’s team broke down the campaigns into 3 segmented groups that each received a different video message.


Open Rate from iHeart Media partners

What appealed to me when we started to think about the advantage of digital is when we mail we don’t get feedback. Moving to digital with ThankView, we’re able to see those open rates and people actually reply.


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