Our Favorite Videos from 2021

by Riley Weldon on Mar 30, 2022 7:25:47 PM

We all know the saying “Do not dwell on the past, but focus on living fully in the present” ...well, let’s break that rule and look back on the successes of 2021!

In this Tip Top Tuesday campaign, we’ll show you four of our favorite ThankView campaigns from  2021, starting with CalTech. 


CalTech Snares Scholarship Stories


This Tuesday’s Takeaways 

  1. Make dual purpose videos. Take your personalized videos and, with a little magic, stitch them up to create a video that features many faces and stories!
  2. Rethink connection. Use ThankView to match up donors with their scholars and provide them the opportunity to communicate.
  3. Don’t make your student recorders stop at “Thank you.” Encourage them to share the details of their study, internships, or anything they are currently working on. Allow them the space to share their experiences.


How CHOC Rocks Virtual Event Followup


This Tuesday’s Takeaways 

  1. Don’t apologize when there’s nothing to be sorry about! External circumstances can derail events, but there’s no need to send out somber apologies. Instead, keep the tone light and focus on your message. The show must go on!
  2. Link to a results page. Who doesn’t love some beefy stats? Share the win with your event attendees. Sharing is caring.
  3. Wink at your supporters. Let them know that you look forward to seeing them at the next event with a message like, “see you next year!” If the next event is happening soon, go ahead and include the link to registration in your ThankView so your supporters can save the date.


Hogle Zoo Makes Waves

This Tuesday’s Takeaways 

  1. Utah’s Hogle zoo really SEALED the deal on this one. If your organization has the good fortune to be partnered with a sea lion, go ahead and steal this pun. Do it. It’ll really make some waves...get it?
  2. Feature your work! How are you helping in the community? Ask people to get on camera, sharing their story. This is what donors want to see!
  3. Don’t shy away from outtakes! Include them. It makes the video feel more genuine and sincere.


Carleton College Highlights Scholarship Recipients


This Tuesday’s Takeaways 

  1. ThankView is all about building relationships! It doesn’t hurt when your scholarship recipients meet, fall in love, and have amazing stories to share. Find those people who have a deep connection to your organization and feature their incredible stories.
  2. Designing your landing page is important. Keeping contrast between your background and action buttons can only increase your chances of your audience replying, downloading, and sharing that video. Make sure those options stand out on the page.
  3. Don’t dive straight into the dozens of amazing stories your organization has to share. Instead, have a representative or familiar face provide context before and after other messages.


That’s it for today’s Tip Top Tuesday series. Catch you next time!