What’s New ThankView (June 2021)

by Delaney Strittmatter on Jun 20, 2021 7:01:56 PM

We’re kicking off summer right with new custom unicorn sunglasses!

…Wait….no, this just in, we’re actually kicking off this summer with more advanced metrics in your ThankView portal.

But seriously, how cool would unicorn sunglasses be? Weigh in in the comments section. I look forward to thoughtful discussion on this extremely fashionable issue.

While that’s happening, let’s dive into those metrics.


Create Custom Metrics Filters

First and foremost, you can now add a date range to your metrics search. 

Now, by clicking “Advanced Metrics,” you can narrow down your sends to the timeframe of your choice!

You can also search by Last Donation. Here’s what that looks like:

  1. Toggle Advanced Filter.
  2. Click Select a condition, then Recipient Info, then Last Donation.
  3. For the second column, select is.
  4. For the third column, input your desired last donation amount.
  5. Click Apply Filter

To find out the full list of advanced metrics available, check out this info!


We’ve simplified two processes. These are our last two updates before we let you get out of here and enjoy the sun!


1. You can hide unused merge fields on the Recordings page. 


2. Easily update credit card information in account settings

No need to reach out to your success rep. We’ve added a simple, safe way to update your credit card info right in your account. 


And that’s it for this month’s feature roundup. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!