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Event Invite
Thankview + Pepperdine Logo

The Alumni Association of Pepperdine extends a compelling event invite on location.

Grateful Patient
Thankview + Childrens-Health-Logo

Heartfelt thanks from a Children's Health patient impacted by donor generosity.

Holiday Message
Thankview + A Step Beyond Logo

A mother's day message to donors featuring on-staff moms.

Economic Development
Thankview + City of Dublin Logo

Appreciation celebration of local businesses in Dublin to raise awareness.

Enrollment Marketing
Thankview + Northern-Arizona-University-Logo

Potential students get a glimpse of the first campus snowfall of the year.

Thankview + ymca_logo

The Y of Greater Houston details the impact their members make.

Thankview + Auburn University Logo

Perhaps the most epic personalized Happy Birthday song ever sung.

Staff Giving
THANKVIEW + Walker School Logo

This hilarious video helped achieve 100% giving event participation.

Video Request
Thankview + University of Alberta Logo

The University of Alberta collects volunteer videos using a video request.

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Why Your Recipients Will Love You

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Collect, add, caption, & edit videos with our easy-to-use, powerful personalized video software tools.

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Seamlessly integrate your brand across video, emails, texts, & landing pages

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Utilize metrics & smart tools to create useful a boss.

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Enjoy unparalleled support from our talented team of dedicated video experts.

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They'll directly connect with people they relate to or those they’ve impacted.

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They’ll navigate through a unified experience of your branded content.

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They can interact with your messages across the channels & devices they prefer.

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They get to watch engaging customized video content, made just for them!

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The look and feel of ThankView is customized to the organization and is a wow for the donor to open and experience.


This was the perfect platform to send a greeting to our donors. I received so many positive responses and even heard from prospects I hadn't been able to get in touch with.


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ThankView's thank you video message email platform integrates with a large range of top enterprise platforms, making it easy to share information, amplify your messaging, and centralize data.

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